August was spent almost entirely in Kelowna, first as a family - we went back for 2 more fun-filled weeks, then the kids stayed for another 2 weeks afterward by themselves with Grandpa "Maui Jim" and Zee zee.

It was smokey in Kelowna due to the many wildfires in the BC interior but it was hot so we went to the lake almost every day. Jonas and Nadia had their floaties and loved to just float out in the lake by themselves. We played frisbee and buried each other in the sand and rented a stand-up paddle board. One day we all swam/floated all the way out to the buoys some 150 meters from shore. 

While there we met the Veers - they were there on vacation, and Ed and Diane Cabral, and their kids, who live close to Grandpa, we haven't seen a couple of years.

We visited Grandpa Bob and Grandma in their new home, too. 

 We went to the kangaroo farm with the Saari's. 

Jonas and Nadia showed how big they have become - reading to Matias and Nya at bedtime.